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The School’s Agreement

We will do our best to :-

  • Welcome you into our nursery family and make it easy for you to feel respected, valued, informed and included in all relevant aspects of the life of the school.
  • Follow and adhere to the aims of the school as stated overleaf.
  • Treat your child/ren fairly, care for them with respect and sensitivity and ensure their happiness and security.
  • Help them to develop a sense of responsibility and respect for other children and adults.
  • Follow the guidelines laid down by Derbyshire County Council on child protection where the safety and well-being of the child is our first consideration.
  • Encourage your child/ren to adhere to the school’s policies on behaviour and discipline.
  • Make available all relevant school policies which explain how our staff deal with different aspects of your child/ren’s education.
  • Provide appropriate qualified and enthusiastic staff to support, stimulate and encourage your child/ren to succeed.
  • Provide an appropriate, challenging play based curriculum to meet your child/ren’s educational needs while encouraging them to achieve their full potential in all aspects of school life.
  • Set appropriate targets, monitor and assess your child/ren’s development and keep you informed of their progress and success or of any concerns.
  • Offer you opportunities to play an active part in your child/ren’s education and the life of the school.



We aim

  • To provide a welcoming atmosphere for all children, parents and carers.
  • To provide a happy, safe, secure stimulating environment where children can develop lively, enquiring minds.
  • To enable your child to develop as an individual and as a member of a wider community.
  • To help your child develop a good self image, self motivation, independence and tolerance.
  • To work with all our parents in the education of their child.

We aim to deliver an education of high quality and create an  environment which will enable your child

  • To acquire the skills knowledge and understanding that will form the firm foundation for future learning.
  • To move towards acquiring a reasoned set of attitudes, behaviour and values including a respect for each other’s race, culture and creed.
  • To develop their physical skills, understanding of how their body works and what they need to do to keep themselves healthy
  • To make choices
  • To further develop the ability to communicate clearly and confidently and listen with understanding, interest and enjoyment.
  • To further develop their understanding of number, measurement, pattern, shape and space.
  • To explore and enjoy art, music, drama, imaginative role play and dance.
  • To explore and find out about their environment and people and places that have significance in their lives.


The Parent/Carer’s Agreement

I/we will do my best to :-

  • Bring my child/ren to school regularly when fit and healthy, appropriately dressed for the full range of nursery activities, some of which can be messy.
  • Notify the school promptly in the event of my child being absent for any reason.
  • Support the school’s policies and nursery rules.
  • Accept the staffs’ obligations to follow the County procedures for child protection.
  • Take an interest in my child/ren’s development by speaking to staff, attending meetings and encouraging my child’s participation in activities.
  • Respect the staff and the work they do, treating them as professionals.
  • Encourage my child to respect everyone and everything within the school, treating each individual and all the equipment with care and consideration.
  • Encourage my child to develop independence and look after their own coats, shoes etc.
  • Inform the school of all issues which might affect my child’s behaviour, understanding that this information will be treated with confidence by those who need to know.
  • Ensure that my child is taken to and collected from school on time by a named responsible adult who is over 16 years old. Please notify the school in advance if anyone different is collecting and supply them with the password. (your child WILL NOT be allowed home with an adult who you have not previously identified to us)
  • Follow the schools complaints procedures when issues arise.
  • Ensure I do not post any photographs taken at school performances/trips or open days onto social networking sites/the internet or use social networking sites to discuss any issues connected with school.
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