Dear Parents / Carers,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your understanding and many kind words of support.  Following the government guidance, our setting is open with places available to all children on roll, subject only to any restrictions arising from the impact of coronavirus on the setting.   Any new requests for places must come via the survey.  Please note that in accordance with our robust risk assessment, for operational, health and safety reasons, there is a restricted number of children attending, which will be prioritised in this order: 1.  Vulnerable children.  2.  Key Worker children.  3.  Others who wish their child to attend.  However as 80% of the respondents felt it was safer to keep their children at home or take reduced hours during this phase of the pandemic, we have been able to accommodate everyone’s request.

Kind Regards,
Diane Mottershead


Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly we would like to thank you for your understanding and many kind words of support.
Please find below the survey. Please note all responses must come via this form and not via email or Facebook.
You can check if you are a keyworker by following this link.
If you know of another parent who is not receiving our emails, please ask them to ring Nursery immediately.
We will be in touch with you regarding your responses as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


Following tonight’s announcement by our Prime Minister, the Governors and I have taken the difficult decision to open to our vulnerable and key worker children only from tomorrow. We are a maintained nursery school with 93 pupils and 19 members of staff. Our very young children are unable to social distance and the new covid variant poses a huge risk to the vulnerable in our community. We will close tomorrow to make arrangements to support our vulnerable and key worker children and to prepare to offer remote learning. If you are a key worker expecting to work tomorrow please let us know so we can enable you to do this. We will circulate a survey tomorrow so key workers can identify themselves.

We apologise for the short notice and thank you for your continued support.
Diane Mottershead


In line with the current government guidance for early years, we have many protective measures in place, including frequent handwashing, extra cleaning of surfaces and equipment, adults social distancing from other adults, staggered start and finish times and parents / carers staying outside.  We use two entrances to nursery, and have varying start and finish times to enable social distancing


As Parents/Carers we will:

  • Follow the latest government guidance, including informing school if any members of the family have suspected or confirmed Covid19 symptoms.
  • Only have one mask wearing adult from the family to enter the school grounds for pick up and drop of our child.
  • Adhere to our child’s allotted drop off and pick up times, and respect the socially spaced system.
  • Ensure my child wears clean clothes each day.
  • Ensure my child does not bring their own toys into school.
  • Not send my child to school if they are feeling unwell in any form and/or have a temperature, or if they have been given calpol in the last 6 hours.


As a school we will:

  • Ensure all staff are fully aware of, and follow, the latest government guidance
  • Ensure that all staff are fully aware of the School Risk Assessment and are adhering to the requirements stated within the document.
  • Ensure the availability of hand sanitizer in all areas of school, and that all staff and children regularly wash and sanitize their own hands during time in school
  • Ensure that surfaces and resources are regularly sanitized.
  • Wear a clean set of clothes each day.
  • Ensure that parents are aware of the fact that children displaying any symptoms of COVID 19 should be kept off school and that if symptoms manifest during a session, we will adhere to Public Health England advice.
  • Ensure that all staff and child illnesses are reported to the Senior member in school on any day and also to the Headteacher.


Signed:  Diane Mottershead                       Acting Headteacher


Home and School Agreement during the Current Covid19 Pandemic Jan 2021

We will be adding additional information here so keep checking back

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