What is Letters and Sounds?

As children grow older they begin to understand more about the sounds of our language and they are able to join in with rhymes, songs and stories by clapping, stamping and skipping.  This is an important stage as the children’s ears are tuning into all the different sounds around them.

Playing with sounds and tuning your child’s ears into sounds will develop phonological awareness, that is the ability to discriminate different sounds.  Over time this will help your child develop an understanding that words are made up of different sounds (phonemes) and they will be able to hear the different sounds in a word.  Gradually they will learn to match sounds to letters (graphemes).  This is phonic knowledge.  They will use this knowledge when they are reading and writing.

“Letters and Sounds” is a phonics resource published by the Department for Education and Skills in 2007. It aims to build children’s speaking and listening skills in their own right as well as to prepare children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. It sets out a detailed and systematic programme for teaching phonic skills for children starting by the age of five, with the aim of them becoming fluent readers by age seven.

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