Child Collection Policy


This policy is a statement of the procedures followed at Hadfield Nursery School for the collection of children, to ensure their safety.

No children will be released from our care if staff are not informed of the person collecting the child.

Admission Information

When children start at Hadfield Nursery School, parents are asked to fill in information about their child.  Details are completed about the people who will be collecting their child.  This information is then filed and used to identify the designated person(s).


Parents are asked for a memorable password, which is also filed.  Parents are asked to give the password only to the people they wish to collect their child.

Suitable People/Identification of Individuals

  • It is the policy of the school that no person under the age of 16 years can collect a child
  • If staff feel that the parent/carer collecting a child may be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs and the safety and well-being of the child may be compromised, the staff must inform the headteacher who will assess the situation.  If it is felt that the parent/carer appears unable to take responsibility for the child, they will take appropriate action.  This may include contacting another person on the emergency contact list/member of the family.  If another designated person is not available, then social care or the police will be contacted.

Relationship breakdown of parents / guardians

The school has a clearly defined procedure, which is followed in the event of the relationship between a child’s parents or guardians breaking down.

  • Unless there is a court order, of which the school must have a copy, preventing one parent’s contact to the child we are unable to legally deny access.
  • Should a parent of concern ask to access their child, we will contact the first parent to come to school as soon as possible, explaining this procedure and asking the second parent to wait.
  • If there is concern about violent or aggressive behaviour from either parent we will seek advice from the police and follow their recommendations.  We will follow guidance within our policy on violence.

Failure to collect a child

In the event of a parent / carer failing to collect a child the procedure set out below will be followed:

  • All contact numbers for parents/carers are repeatedly contacted and messages left
  • Further  emergency contact numbers are tried
  • If in the event of a child not being collected and following 5.00pm,  Social Care and/or the police will be notified of a non-collection and the matter will be handed over to their care
  •  On no account must a child be taken by a person not known by the school.
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