Admission Policy (Rising 3s)

Admission Policy (Rising 3 year olds)

This policy is a statement of the aims and procedures for admitting children to Hadfield Nursery School. It was developed through a process of consultation with governors and staff, and is subject to annual review.


Our vision statement for Hadfield Nursery School is

A welcome for all
Learning for all
Enjoyment for all
Success for all.

At Hadfield Nursery School we believe that the education we provide is

  • An enriching learning experience for all children regardless of race, religion, ability or disability
  • A valuable means of reducing the education and social disadvantages experienced by some children and thus enabling them to have equal access to the opportunities offered by subsequent education
  • Supportive, offering a wide range of facilities and opportunities to families with young children

Admissions Arrangements

Children may be eligible for two year old funding for 15 hours of education and care.  Schools can now take ‘rising 3s’ as they are classed as 3 by Ofsted, so schools do not need separate registration.

At Hadfield Nursery School, we offer places to children who are eligible for 2 year old funding from their third birthday as a ‘rising 3’.  This may be at any point during the term.

Children are offered 5 AM or 5 PM 3 hour sessions

 Admission Criteria

Hadfield Nursery School serves the town of Hadfield and surrounding villages – see map available at the Nursery School for the catchment area. Families within this area will be given priority. There are 84 x 15 hour time funded places available.  If requests for these places, exceeds the number of available places, then the following criteria will be applied within the catchment area

  1. Children who have a ‘need’ i.e.
    • Children who need a child protection plan
    • Children who are ‘looked after’ by the LA
    • Children with a special educational need or disability
    • Children for whom a place is requested by a professional outside agency
  2. Children who live within the normal catchment area detailed on the map (stored in nursery office) will be allocated places in DOB order.
  3. Children who live outside the normal catchment area, but within Glossopdale will be allocated places in DOB order (eldest first).
  4. Children who live beyond those areas will be allocated places in DOB order (eldest first).

The admission criteria are applied again for each admission intake (including applications which have been deferred).

Morning or afternoon places are offered to best fulfil the educational needs of the children, but where possible we endeavour to meet parental requests.  In the case of a shortage of places for a particular session, we revert to the admission criteria.

Parents will have the opportunity to visit the Nursery and discuss our admission arrangements.

The full governing body is kept fully informed of numbers on roll.

Any appeals against non-admission will be submitted to the Chair of the Governing Body, to be dealt with by the full governing body.

If the nursery is full, families will be referred to the Children’s Centre, so that they can be sign-posted to other nursery settings offering the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum within the local area.

Admission Procedure

  1. Places are offered as ‘rising 3’ places
  2. Parents accept / defer the application/ decline the offer. (Refusal of the offer of a place at any time does not preclude subsequent application).
  3. On acceptance of a place parents and child have the opportunity of a home visit from the key worker.
  4.  An induction session is held for that family
  5. The child starts as soon as possible following their third birthday


ring this service regularly.

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