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Accessibility Plan 2017-2020

Admission Policy 2-3 year olds 2019

Admission Policy 3 year olds 2019

Admission Policy (Rising 3s)

Assessment and Recording Policy 2018

Attendance Policy

Charging Policy 2019

Child collection policy 2019

Children missing in education policy


Confidentiality Policy

Continence and Intimate and Personal Care Guidance 2017

Debt Policy (School extended services) 2018

Dinner Money Debt Policy 2018

Expressive Arts and Design Policy


Freedom of information Policy

Healthy Packed Lunch Policy 2019

Home School Agreement 2018

Learning and Teaching Policy 2018

Mathematics Policy

Mobile Phone and Photography Policy 2018

Modern British Values at Hadfield Nursery School

On-Line Safety Policy 2018

Policy for Adverse Weather Conditions

Policy for Transition

SEN Information Report

School Fund

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy 2019

Sun Safety Policy

Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy 2017

Understanding the World Policy

Safeguarding Policies

Behaviour, Discipline and Anti-bullying Policy 2020


Addendum Child Protection Policy April 2020

Code of Conduct Safer working practices 2020

Complaints policy and procedure 2020

Equality Policy 2020

Health and Safety Policy 2020

Induction Policy (staff, students, volunteers and governors) 2020

Mobile Phone and Photography Policy 2020

Private fostering policy 2020

Security Policy 2020

Separated parents policy 2020

Supporting pupils with medical conditions 2020

Whistleblowing Policy (Confidential Reporting Code) 2020

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