Children are offered two lunchtimes a week as part of the 15 hours free entitlement, with the cost of the meal being payable. A cooked lunch is provided by Derbyshire County Council catering service, cooked at Hadfield Infant School and transferred to nursery by taxi. We have a team of dedicated lunchtime supervisors and a kitchen assistant, who serve the meal in a family style environment at tables. There is a choice each day and the catering service are able to cater for dietary needs, after application through the headteacher.
We view lunchtime to be a continuation of our learning environment for the children, where they make choices, learn to use cutlery and engage in a very sociable experience.



We offer healthy snacks daily with the option of either milk or water as a drink. We ask for a £1 weekly contribution to nursery to cover the cost of this daily snack (as well as cooking and other additional activities). Children learn wash their hands, then to select their choice of drink and snack in a ‘café’ style system and we have an area allocated in nursery for this purpose.



Due to the high number of food allergies and because we are a Healthy School, we do not allow children to bring in treats to share for their birthday. However, each child celebrates their birthday at a special time, within their group.

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